5 steps to create an outstanding email marketing plan

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Have you tried all other marketing techniques but the results are not really convincing?

Have you already figured out that you want to avail the benefits of email marketing?

Do you want to establish personal connection with your customers and make them feel like a part of the family of your brand?

If you are a new marketer, and if the answers for the above questions is an affirmative, this blog is for you!

Email marketing plan can be referred to all the activities related to sending emails. From planning the content of the email, to creating email lists, email marketing planning is a very crucial task. It also involves plethora of activities related to understanding the market and customers. Here are the most basics tips on how you can create an outstanding email marketing plan as a beginner:

Analyze the market and understand you customers

A successful email marketing campaign beings with understanding your customers. Analyze the market conditions. Identify your target audience. Then try to understand the requirements and resource availability of your customers.

Conducting an in-dept market research will not only help in identifying potential customers. Rather, it would also help you in understand the way customers react and provide their feedbacks.

Define your long-term and short-term goals

The most important part of planning any marketing campaign is to identify your marketing goals. Identifying your goals will bring consistency and creativity to your marketing plans. Ask questions such as:

  • What are your desired outcomes from the said email marketing campaign?
  • Is the short-term ROI of your campaign desirable to you?
  • What benefits of email marketing do you want to avail in specific?
  • Is the email marketing plan you working on feasible in the long run?

Once you find out answers to these questions, you can move forward. You can start making professional teams.

Marketers who fail in identifying the goals of their campaigns end up loosing customers, and business. They get negative feedback and the customers never return to them.

Decide the content of your emails

The quality of your content plays a major role in deciding the outcomes of campaigns. Email marketing seeks to establish a personalized connect with customers. So, the language and the content of your emails should be accordingly optimized.

The most important part is using creative subject lines. Always try to use the best subject lines. Avoid hefty and technical terms in the subject lines. Use relatable contexts and light tone. The subject line of email should talk to your customers and make them feel comfortable.

Always use creative content. You can also follow the basic rules of email copywriting to avoid errors. Try to use a mixture of formal and informal tones.

You can also incorporate infographic content in your emails. Adding images will make the email easier to understand and comprehend. Adding a Call-to-action button is mandatory to improve the conversion rates.

Creative content marketing will improve customer feedback. It will set the conversion rates of your emails on fire. To conclude, creative content can decide the fate of your email marketing campaigns. So be open minded, creative and innovative in your approach.

Decide a timeline and set deadlines

Deciding a timeline for your email marketing plan is as important as planning the strategy. If you decide everything but forget to set timelines, all your efforts will go in vain. In addition, you will end up losing customers and getting negative customer feedback.

Identify the time slot at which the conversion rates of your emails are higher. Avoid sending emails during the night time as there are high chances of the customers missing those emails.  

You also have to decide the timeline for sending automated emails. Email automations make the entire task easy, but the correct deadline is the key to achieving the best results.

Use the correct email templates

Many people might think that email templates do not affect the results and email conversion rates. While the truth is that using correct email templates will work wonders for your email marketing campaign.

Using the correct email templates improves the overall email layout. Its easier to read and understand. The correct email template with search engine optimization of the content will result in sky-rocketing conversion rates.

Many SEO professionals and email marketing agencies provide assistance in devising an effective email marketing plan. You can also use online tools such as email automation tools to improve the efficiency of your email content. However, it is not mandatory to use professional services. A beginner can also do the planning by just following some basic tips for email marketing.

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Mahima Chaudhary
Mahima Chaudhary
Mahima is an email marketing specialist who happens to enjoy other domains of digital marketing as well. She is interested in topics such as digital marketing, blogging, content creation, etc. She is working as an email marketing specialist, content creator and digital marketer for 2 years and 6 months and wrote for various companies on various platforms. She is also an ecommerce specialist. She aspires to explore more and add more value with her content.
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