Everything you want to know about CTAs

A lot of ecommerce platforms talk about the importance of CTAs in their marketing strategy.
An even more practical example is seen wen you check their emails, calling you out for
certain actions. This blog is all about understanding the need and know-hows of CTAs and
why you should be including them in your emails.

Why Calls-to-Action?

When you have the broad idea that an email is nothing but a conversation between a consumer
and a brand he might have subscribed to, you’ll notice making things easier for them is at
the crux of the interaction. CTAs are powerful buttons to push back against the customer’s
fatigue while reading the email.

How to start?

CTAs can be do wonders for your company sales if used properly. Below are five tips to hit
the green light in your next email campaign.

1. Optimum use

Its often seen brands use numerous CTAs to attract their customers, although it usually
works the other way round. A huge number can overwhelm and confuse the customer. You’ll
only be increasing his worries that brought him to your email. Make it simple by giving
one call to action which should be given primary importance. If you think of adding an
additional CTA, give it secondary importance.

2.Placement of the CTA

The ongoing debate whether to add the CTA above the fold or at the bottom of the email can
be treacherous. Although both are good to go, it depends on your content. If your customer
can understand the task in the first few lines, feel free to to add the CTA above the fold.
Otherwise, go for the placement at the end of the email.

3. Design

Standing out has a great impact on your customers. Thus make sure the designs you use for your
CTAs attract them to take the prescribed action. You can look for a favorable size and color
contrasting your other messages.

4. Choice of words

Don’t underestimate the importance of word choice in your call to action. The words in your
call to action provide the necessary direction for subscribers to follow through with an action.


From placement to copy, you can test various aspects of your call to action and let your audience’s
response decide what’s best. By testing, you can understand which word play or colors or sizes draw
the maximum population and then use it to your advantage.

Important CTAs that work wonders

In a million choices that you can make in choosing a good set of words for your CTAs, here are a few
that you can use which have long proven to be effective.

1.CTAs encouraging purchase

Shop Now
Shop Now. Get X% off
Save Today
Buy Now. Pay Later
Claim your Coupon
Yes! I want one.
Get your winter wardrobe
Free gift with purchase

2. CTAs for occasions

Shop birthday deals
Our gift-X% off
Claim your Christmas coupon
Shop Santa’s favorites
Order now. Get it before Thanksgiving

3. CTAs for content

Learn more
Read more
Download now
Keep reading
Get the app
Subscribe for more
Save for later

4. CTAs for services

Book now
Start your free trial
Upgrade now
Make me a VIP
Sign up and save
Book your Appointment

5. CTAs for feedback

Take a survey
Leave a review
Give us your feedback

6. CTAs for social media follow requests

Follow us
Stay connected
Like us on {any social media}

With this extensive list on CTAs, you can optimize your emails and trigger your sales.
Depending upon your industry, the type of CTA you use will differ, but this wide variety
of CTA options and categories can help give your marketing team the insights it needs to
create a CTA button that drives results.

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