10 email marketing campaigns that worked amazingly.

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Every business is implementing all sorts of techniques and marketing strategies to get more clients and increase their sales. However, coming up with marketing strategies and campaign ideas is not that easy. Especially when you can’t be certain if they’ll even work because the market trends are always changing. That is why a little inspiration will help you lighten up. 

When it comes to email marketing, most people consider it outdated but when you see the Email marketing campaigns we have mentioned in this blog, you will be amazed at how wonderful email campaigns can be. These campaigns allow you to reach a bigger audience easily. Email marketing automation companies like EmailWish have made this task even simpler and email campaigns are gaining popularity again. Yes, that’s right, email marketing campaigns are here to stay for long and you are going to love them. Here are 10 amazing email marketing campaigns that broke all records and made huge profits. 

10 amazing email marketing campaigns –

We all know that in the end, the revenue generated is the deciding factor for the success of a campaign. However, in the list below, we have picked the Email campaigns that were creative and bold and made a huge hit among the audience. Everything is awesome about these Email campaigns. From creative copywriting to eye-catching designs, everything is worth taking inspiration from.

1. Tuft and Needle

Tuft and Needle have successfully run various marketing campaigns owing to their amazing copywriting. Throughout their website, you can see an amazing copy and UX writing that smoothly navigates the user through the website. Every word on their website is intended to sell.

How? Tuft and Needle didn’t do anything new. In fact, they just utilized the most important factor of selling to the fullest – sympathy. Every graphic and typography on the brand’s website conversates with the user as a friend. It makes the user want to scroll through their website and discover what they have to offer.

Tuft and Needle Website copy

Tuft and Needle used the same strategy for their Email marketing campaigns.  Everything from the subject lines to the content in the email and CTAs hook the user’s attention. They divided their campaign into three parts. The first part to convince the user of the genuineness of their brand, the second part for showcasing their fair price policies, and the third part to convince the user of how easy it is to return an item on their website.

Examples of emails sent by Tuft and Needle.

Check out this cart abandonment email from the company. This is a great example of how you can persuade your users to checkout without being too pushy.

Tuft and Needle Email Campaign

First of all, let’s talk about the unique subject line which goes like – “The spookiest bedtime story ever”. It immediately catches your attention and you can never tell what this email could contain until you actually open it.

Inside the email, the company starts by sympathizing with its users. Despite being mattress sellers, the email opens with a line saying – “Mattress shopping sucks!” after this, the email guides you on how you can buy a good mattress and provides social proof of their brand by placing you among a million customers.

Then there’s a line saying “Don’t buy a mattress without reading this first” and on clicking on that line you are directed to a page where they answer all the possible questions that may be stopping you from buying from them. They also added some customer testimonials on this page to provide you with solid proof of their service. 

Tuft and Needle Email Marketing Campaign

After a few days, the company again sends the second email. Just like the previous email, this one also has a unique subject line that goes like – “What are you paying for”, it makes the user want to open the email. In the email, the company added a link saying – “We made this page to prove we have nothing to hide“.  This link directs the user to a page where Tuft and Needle compare their prices with other companies.

Finally, the company sends the third email under the subject line “You should sleep on big decisions”. Through this email, the company tries to assure the customer of a satisfactory purchase. The email convinces the user that they can easily return a product they don’t like and therefore buy without hesitation.

2. Swiggy.

Swiggy is a food ordering and delivery platform in India. It is successfully ruling the market with its mind-blowing email campaigns. Swiggy’s email campaigns use playful subject lines and surprise offers and deals to engage their user base. 

Swiggy launched a new Email campaign named – Swiggy Genie. The campaign was intended to advertise their new pick-and-drop services. The company claimed that it could help you pick or drop groceries, homemade food, and beverages. Besides this, it assured its users that they can shop for their customers from local stores, supermarkets, and bakeries and deliver them to their doorstep.

Swiggy Email Campaign

All the emails from this campaign are named under Swiggy Genie, which added a magical effect to the message and created excitement in the user to open the email.  Similarly, the subject lines of these emails established a sense of care for the users by encouraging them to pursue their hobbies or simply taking their time. 

One of these emails came out during the IPL which looked something like this –

The subject line for this email was – “Your right place is on the couch“. This sympathetic subject lie makes the user want to discover how swiggy can help him to take a break when it’s just a food delivering company.

Amazing opening lines like “You focus on the cricket. We’ll pick up the snacks between the wickets” are entertaining and encourage the user to read on. There are other lines that are equally entertaining such as – Keep calm and let Genie do your Kaam(work).

Towards the end of the email, the company offers a cashback offer to the user. Finally, the email is concluded with a clear description of what pick-up and delivery services the company can provide and which local stores it can shop from for you.

3. Buzzfeed –

Being a content-creating platform, we will expect no less from Buzzfeed when it comes to effective email marketing. The creative copywriting and spicy subject lines excite the user to open and read the whole email. The good thing about Buzzfeed’s emails is how the creative subject lines and preview texts fit in perfectly with the content on its website. The subject line will often be a question and the preview text will be the answer to that question.

One of the email marketing campaigns of BuzzFeed – “Buzzfeed Today” newsletter updates the users on what’s new on the website. Buzzfeed’s content contains everything from humor-loaded content and pictures and it sends snippets of such content to its users on a daily basis via this newsletter. 

For example, look at this email. Buzzfeed has effectively used humor to send updates to its users about a new blog post.

Buzzfeed funny Email campaign

The subject line goes like – “Sorry, wrong number” which instantly makes a user think – what can it be? Then goes the content. Using a large picture helped them grab their user’s attention and when they read the joke they can check out the text below it to find more of such jokes in the blogpost.

4. Paypal.

Paypal is an American company dealing in online payments.  The company launched an email campaign on how sharing money online can help you in sharing your food bill. 

Paypal email campaign

The email copy was very concise and delivered the message effectively even if the user didn’t read the complete message. The company taps on a very common problem of bill splitting after eating out with your friends. The message in the email is very formal and to the point. Towards the end of the email, the company has provided a brief description of how users can use the PayPal app to make easy payments. Right beside this description, there is an image of a phone screen showing the checkout screen of the app. 

Finally, at the end of the email, Paypal has included a button saying – “Learn about sending and receiving money” which directs the user to the page where a customer can read the whole money transfer process in detail. This way PayPal wisely used this email campaign to get more app downloads and educate the users on using it effectively.

5. Charity: Water.

Charity: water is a non-profit organization that was established in the year 2006. It provides drinking water to various people in developing nations.

Most non-profit organizations use their email marketing campaigns to collect donations. Charity: water also does that. What’s different then? Well, charity: water uses an email campaign to inform its donors about the journey of their donated money and this is where it stands out. 

For example, see this email below – 

Charity Water progress update Email Campaign

Charity: water uses automated emails just like the one above to inform its users about how their money is being utilized. They send a detailed email sharing the entire journey of a donor’s money, which, being honest, most charities don’t do. 

When donors can see how their money is actually making an impact and improving lives, it encourages them to keep supporting the organization. In the middle of the email, the organization adds a detailed  project timeline and accompanying table, so a user doesn’t really have to read the whole email to get important details.

6. Brooklinen.

The biggest problem with email marketing campaigns is that your emails often get lost among the other emails that a user receives each day. How can that be solved? You can find the answer in Brooklinen’s email campaign example.

Brooklinen tackled this problem with their unique and catchy headline for their sales announcement email campaign. It went on something like this – “Hmm..what’s this?” This subject line makes it irresistible to open the email. 

Brooklinen'a BIG surprise

When you open the email, you are welcomed by a huge gif, saying – something big is coming followed by a gif unwrapping, teasing the customers about the discounted price in the sale. 

At the end of the email, a clear CTA is included which allows the user to set a reminder of the sale on their calendar. With this Brooklinen makes sure that the customer at least visits their store on the day of the sale and who knows some may even end up buying something because of the discounted prices.

7. Beardbrand

Many email marketing campaigns end up being a failure because of little to no engagement. Beardbrand came up with an interesting email campaign to re-engage their customers.

The email they sent during the campaign is given below :

Beardbrand How fat can you grow email.

Honestly, the subject line would pique anyone’s curiosity be it a male or female. It goes something like this – “How fast can you grow?” 

The email message begins with a beautiful picture of four men along with a fact related to the growth of a beard. The fact was human hair grows by 0.5 inches a month. Beardbrand cleverly used this fact to inform the user that they haven’t visited in 3 months by saying – “your beard grew 1.5″ since your last visit”. This prevented them from being too straight and pointing out that the user hasn’t visited the website for a few months. 

After stating this fact about the growth of human hair, the email then moves on to promote the brand, saying – “You can’t technically grow your hair faster, but you can -” followed by three benefits if using the brand’s products.

After delivering a clear message, the brand showcases some product recommendations followed by a clear CTA. The CTA button is also cleverly designed. Instead of using “Check out our recommended products” , it says – “Check out what I have missed” which gain piques a user’s curiosity as to what they might’ve missed during the time they did not visit Beardbrand’s website.

8. Dropbox.

Dropbox used an email marketing campaign to re-establish itself in the market after seeing a decline in sales. It launched a “come back to us” email campaign to re-engage its lost customers.

Here’s what the email from the campaign looked like –

Dropbox cute email campaign for customer re-engagement/

It is amazing how dropbox used cute graphics and creative copywriting to express its grief on losing a customer and missing them. It used simple cartoons to display a small story. A story that told the users that dropbox has been lonely without them. 

One more amazing thing about the email was that it did not brag on for long about why the customer should go back to dropbox. The message was fairly short, simple, and sweet. It encased all USPs of the company in bulleted points, simple to read and understand. This prevented the company from being too pushy rather the message was intended to simply remind the users that the company exists and they haven’t used dropbox in a while.

9. Uber.

Uber is known for its simple and straightforward emails. That is reasonable because nobody would want to read a long email when they are getting late to catch a train. For example, check out the email below –

Uber calender sync email campaign

This was an email campaign for calendar integration. You can see how beautifully the company has used creative copywriting to create a mini email message for the people who want to quickly read through the message. Besides this, there’s a more detailed message for the users who wish to read the complete message.  The email has a very simple opening headline followed by a clear Call To Action both at the top and bottom of the email message.

The design of the email is also praise-worthy. The geometrical pattern fits in perfectly with the overall visuals of the application design and its other social media content.

10. Poo Pourri.

Poo Pourri is well-known for its jaw-dropping marketing using humor. Using simple puns and funny sentences such as – “control the shituation” throughout their website copy, they have made quite an impact in the market.

The brand uses the same strategy in its email marketing campaigns.  Funny subject lines and preview texts compel the user to open the email and read the whole message partly because it’s fun to read.

The pictures below show the emails sent during some of the email campaigns for the promotion of Poo Pourri’s products. 

Poo Pourri Email Campaign

Notice how they used the words “Deja Poo” and “Buttload” to add a pinch of humor to the advertisement? Well, Poo Pourri does this often and their marketing campaigns work amazingly. The short and simple product update message is followed by a clear “Shop Now” CTA. The brand has also added a free product to encourage the user more into buying the product.


These were some of the amazing email campaigns that blew all charts and brought in great leads. As an email marketer, a business owner, and a service provider you can take inspiration from these email campaigns and strategize, create and launch successful email marketing campaigns for your business. We know it’s not easy to always come up with email marketing strategies that are sure to generate leads or get you more clients. So we have come up with the easiest, effective and affordable email marketing solutions for your business. Use pre-built email automations from Emailwish that are sure to make it to your customer’s primary email list.

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