The importance of infographics in the success of Email campaigns.

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What are infographics?

We all are familiar with the feeling of opening an email newsletter and thinking – “argh.. I gotta read all this”. On the other hand, if an email or blog has explanatory images or infographics, it becomes much easier to understand the context of the email and process the information it intends to deliver.

It is a known fact that a human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. They grab attention easily and are easier to understand. This is exactly why infographics work so well. Besides this, they also indicate your level of knowledge and expertise in the field that you’re working in. Infographics not only increase your brand value by adding professionalism to your posts and blogs but also help in search engine optimization. This means that infographics play an important role in determining where your website ranks on Google.

If we look at it from a marketing viewpoint, infographics are much easier to promote than long blog posts. You can always share these on social media platforms to promote your websites and blogs. Similarly, in Email Marketing, infographics largely determine if your emails will be read or even opened at all.

How infographics work affects email marketing.

Let us see how Infographics can prove to be game-changers for your email marketing campaigns.

1. Infographics grab attention easily.

If you open an email and a big, informative, and summarized version of the lengthy email appears on top in the form of an infographic, isn’t that really handy? Indeed, it is. Especially when you get tons of email messages each day, you possibly can’t spend your entire day reading all those email newsletters. The same is for your users.

If you start your email with a supportive image that gives the user a clear idea of what the email consists of without having to read the entire message, your emails will become a hit among your users.

Instead of the boring lengthy texts, an image is more likely to grab a user’s attention. They can just look at the image and decide whether or not the message is useful to them.

2. They are easy to grasp and remember because they are images after all.

As I’ve already mentioned above, the human brain processes image much faster than text. Even the most complex explanations become easy when we see them in the form of an image or a video.

Of Course, they are preferred by users because no one has the time to go through lengthy blogs and emails just for a single piece of information. When you search for something like a procedure or steps to perform a certain action and go to the images part, you’ll find tons of infographics in the search results. These are linked to the original blog or website they are posted on.

3. They save time by providing summarised information

We are well aware that time is of extreme importance. An important factor of good marketing is that you understand that people are busy. They don’t have the time to read lengthy paragraphs of text. The shorter and clearer you keep your message the better. However, there are times when the length of the text can’t be reduced. In that case, using an infographic could help you summarize your text in an image.

This saves a user’s time because they don’t necessarily have to read the entire message to perform a certain task or gather a piece of information. A person can just look at the infographic and get the desired information and read the blog or email message if he feels the need to.

4. They are easy to promote and share

Imagine you have to promote a blog on your email. While it’s a good idea to send the entire blog in the form of a newsletter to your customers, there’s a high chance they are not going to read it. Let’s be honest, an email is still a message. When people open an email, they don’t expect to read 8-9 paragraphs!

However, if you promote an image instead of the whole blog, users will not get scared of your emails and worry about reading long texts. Instead, if they find important information within the infographic, they might go and read the whole blog. Good infographics can make your customers wonder that if the image is so informative, the blog must be really valuable.

5. They enhance the SEO as they are more likely to appear in google images.

Infographics help in improving the SEO of your page and help you rank higher on Google. How? Well, think about how many times you landed on a website because you clicked on an infographic in the Google image results. Quite a few times right?

The same thing happens in emails. Explanatory images and infographics are just much easier and quicker to understand. This is why customers are more likely to open emails from a company that includes infographics in their email messages. Research shows that the content with relevant infographics included get 94% more views than the content without relevant images.

6. Infographics increase the overall brand value

Your brand is recognized by how much value you provide to your customers. If all you do is promote and sell, your customers might get frustrated after some time. With the help of infographics, you can provide valuable information to your clients in an easy-to-digest manner.

These graphics indicate your level of expertise in the field you’re promoting. The more valuable your content, the better your image as an expert on the subject. This is because to create an informative infographic you need tables, graphs and surveys and the ability to be able to put those all together in a sensible form. If a brand is able to do this and provide valuable information to your clients, your band value automatically increases.

Emailwish provides you hundreds of pre-built email templates that are fully packed with relevant graphics and content. So you never have to worry about designing and writing your emails.

The infographics are put together after careful market surveys and research. Everything is put together to increase your brand’s overall value in the market. Therefore, you can solely focus on automating your business and making more sales.


The world has become very fast-paced. People are busy and have less time on their hands. So, our business as marketers is to keep them informed about our services without taking much of their time. Infographics are a great way to do that. This is why each and every brand needs to understand their value and leverage them as much as they can to promote and scale their businesses.

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