How images can affect the success your email campaigns.

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Why images work like how they work?

Pictures have always had a special place in the human brain. They are easier to process and remember. Marketing has always leveraged them creatively to attract customers and grab their attention. The same has been carried on till today, in fact, the world of digital marketing has only given it a boost. The wide variety of graphic designs, images, and infographics have become a major part of Search engine optimization and can highly impact your ranking on Google.

90% of the information that the brain consumes is visual. This fact alone is enough to understand how important images can be in marketing campaigns. Marketers who understand this fact wisely use creative graphics to trigger emotions and create a need for their users. Not only that, sometimes, images can be the best way to explain certain steps and guide the user to take a certain action.

If used correctly and creatively, they can do wonders in your marketing campaigns. They are easier to share and advertise on social media platforms and even on offline platforms. They are more likely to appear on google images.  People also find them useful because they are a means of quick and easy process information. 

Let us see how visuals can be used in email marketing and the best tips to use images in emails to generate new leads and make more sales.

The main reasons to use images in your emails are – 

1. Images convey the message much easily.

Imagine you’re looking for some piece of information and you need it on an urgent basis. In the Google image search, you may find a picture that summarizes the whole process and is easy to understand. Would you choose that or a long piece of text that goes on and on about the same thing. Well, the former is the obvious choice. You can take the example of this blog only, well only if you could make it till here. The infographic, in the beginning, makes it clear how and why images are important to marketing campaigns. 

Besides, it only takes 1/10th of a second to get the sense of a visual scene. Not just that but our brain has the capability to see even the images that last for only 13 milliseconds. Now imagine yourself, how much information can you gain in an hour if you simply look at the picture. On the other hand, if you try to memorize a blog or article within that time, it may prove to be a challenge. 

This is why they are more effective in conveying a message than any other means. For example, if you send an email explaining the steps to register in a certain program using a graphic that shows the user exactly what and where to click will be much easier and quicker to explain than writing it in text. You can off course do both, add a graohic and a text explaining the steps but including an image is necessary if you can’t afford the user to have any confusion.

2. They can be shared easily

Most of us land on a blog from a social media platform or as a result of a Goole image search. Images can improve your Google ranking simply because they are easily shareable.

All over social media platforms, you’ll see pictures or videos. Even if there is some text present, it is very minute and is always shared in the form of an image. This is more of a reason why your images should be relevant and informative. The images and infographics that you use in a blog or article can appear easily on google images and can be repurposed into social media platforms and drive traffic from those platforms to your blog and website.

3. They trigger emotions in people. 

People may consider reading a long piece of text to be boring and time-consuming, while an image can give them the same information in a more summarized and quicker way. They are capable of  grabbing so much more attention than plain text. 

They are easily understandable and trigger an emotion in human beings depending upon what the image is about. For example, if your product is dog food, then an adorable image of a happy and healthy dog will trigger an emotion of joy and longing in people. A longing to make their dogs happy and healthy like the dog in the advertisement. 

Human beings have a strange tendency to feel an emotion whenever they see, smell, or hear something. If that triggered emotion is something that creates a need and makes the customers feel like they should buy the product. Choose your images creatively and you can create that need in your customers and make more sales. 

4. They stick in a person’s memory longer.

The human brain perceives images better and faster than any text. Think about it, how many times have you seen an image and it has lasted in your head longer than the description of the image written alongside it? Well, almost all the time!!! 

Marketers use this fact to their advantage and focus on grabbing a customer’s attention with the most creative graphics they can create or find. In email marketing campaigns, these images highly influence the response an email gets. 

For example, an email that is aimed at explaining a certain process to the user should definitely have some graphics explaining the steps and guiding the user through the whole process. Not just that but images make a boring email message interesting and appealing. Decorating an email with creative images, gifs increase the charm of your emails. I mean what else comes first before showing the users what your products look like.

If users find a product in them appealing, they’ll remember your products and buy them eventually.

5. They keeps the users engaged and increase your click-through rate

Pictures will always be more appealing than simple words of appreciation for a product. It’s human nature to want to see proof of everything that they will spend money on. Much like the real world, customers in the real world love to have options. If they have multiple products to look at and choose from, they will be satisfied, else not.

After seeing the images a user can decide whether a product is for them or not. This way you will be able to observe their choices and pave way for sending more promotion emails in the longer run. Once they have visited your website and start receiving more relevant product emails, they’ll definitely want to re-visit even if it’s to look.

One more way of giving your emails a better reach is asking them for their reviews and suggestions and using those to improve. You can easily and definitely make more sales.

With EmailWish, you get pre-built email templates, be it welcome emails or after-delivery review emails. Leverage these professionally built templates and easily design and create email campaigns that increase your click-through rates. 


Images are important to help us remember things in the long run and for making it easy for us to understand certain processes. People who understand and utilize this to their advantage gain the upper hand in email marketing. Email automation tools are a great way to design and create emails with a sense of design and creativity. such emails not only help improve your email marketing campaigns but also boost your brand identity.

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