8 best subject lines to boost your email marketing strategy

Words have a psychological effect on our mind; they have the potential to change a person’s school of thought within minutes of interaction. Utilizing the same for email marketing can give back unprecedented returns.

Why is it important to start with subject lines?

You should realize that the subject of the email is the first thing that your customer will see when you send them an email. So it becomes the first platform where you set your first impression. Statistics show that 30% of emails are more prone to be ignored because the subject lines weren’t catchy enough.

So it becomes important to work on the same. Subject lines can be funny, tricky, and urgent and so on. They can well be anything but be sounding too serious unless

How do you start working on them?

Here are a few examples that have proven to draw the most customers, thereby have triggered sales for many aspiring companies. They can be used as they are, or can be modified, if you apply a creative mind to it.

1. FOMO subject lines

Fear of missing out has been the greatest fear of the urban society these days. So your email is most likely to be opened if you remember to address that right from the beginning.
“Your coupon is expiring!” , “Don’t miss out on the sale!” are a few examples for the same.

2. Mind-tickling subject lines

You can make your customers ponder upon a tricky question. But keep in check as to what you ask, try to keep it funny and witty, just so they get curious.
“What’s that your neighbor’s looking at?”, “Is it party time already?” are a few examples.

3. Funny subject lines

It’s important to be informal with your customers, make it look like a friendship they can invest in and trust. So be a great buddy in your emails and great buddies have greater humor.
“We like being used up!”, “Vacation time!” are a few examples. Make yours as per any situation.

4. Fashion advisory subject lines

People sometimes love to be cared about. So make good use of that in your subject lines and draw their attention towards what they might miss out if they don’t go for that one product you’re selling(maybe exclusively for them).
“It looks better on you than in your bag!”, “Gift inspiration for my struggling buddy!” are a few examples.

5. Sale alert subject lines

People love sales. They love it when they can afford their favorite products at a price nearly half of what they are in market. So sale alert subject lines attract a lot of customers.
“The sale is on”, “X% off your basket!” are a few examples.

6. Easy ideas subject lines

Sometimes people are a bit lazy sorting and choosing for themselves. Who doesn’t like products handpicked for them. So make sure you reach out to them with the products they have been looking for.
“10 outfits for you this season”, “The best just a button away” are a few examples.

7. Witty sad subject lines

It gets frustrating to see that “sold-out” tag under the dress we had in our basket to buy after saving enough. Addressing that can show people you understand that pain. They’re more likely to see you care and opt for your business.
“Where do they go so fast!”, “Your product anxiety issues, solved!” are a few examples.

8. Restoring subject lines

Often it happens that people might abandon their cart for a long time or forget to use their discount coupons in time. It’s a good practice to put on a reminder for them, just in case they might have forgotten.
“Don’t keep your products waiting!”, “Can’t remember what you’re forgetting? Your expiring coupon” are a few examples.

Subject lines thus have a strong presence in your emails and making proper utilization of that can work wonders for the boost in the business. Proper copywriting ideas
and skills can make a great difference in your previous and current sales count. So never underestimate the power of words and how well they impact on the minds of a

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