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Email marketing as a practice continues to thrive in the digital marketing world. It has multiple benefits and can be used by all businesses regardless of their size and product lines. However, some beliefs tend to be a major cause of discussion among marketers. These beliefs are not entirely true. Most of these beliefs related to email marketing are myths and need to be debunked.

In this article, many common myths prevailing in the field of email marketing will be discussed and debunked. Hold your seats tight and get ready for an enlightening journey to the world of email marketing!

Myth No 1: Email Automations are tough and expensive!

The first and the most baseless idea about email marketing relates to one of the most effective email marketing techniques- Email automation. It is understandable that email automation might sound overwhelming and intimidating but once done in a correct manner, it can boost the performance of your business. Many pieces of research also point to words a significant increase in the sale of businesses using email automation. In addition, email automation is not at all expensive. Platforms such as EmailWish, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc. offer very affordable email automation.

Email automation not only makes email marketing more effective but also allows marketers to understand customer behavior and response.

Myth No 2: Subject Lines should be short

This is the most common misunderstanding regarding email marketing. Many marketers believe that the subject line should be short and crisp. It is also circulated that an ideal subject line should be 41 to 50 characters long. However, various researches show that subject lines with even 61-70 characters generate good results. The key to a good subject line is not its shortness but the use of creativity and innovation.

Myth No 3: Un-Subscription from mails is a bad sign!

Many marketers and team leads get worried when people unsubscribe from mailing lists. However, it is not necessarily a cause of concern. On the contrary, when people unsubscribe from your mailing lists, it can have two benefits.

First, it helps in cleaning up the database of email lists. Second, it helps in analyzing the relevancy of emails and their content. These two things will only improve the outcomes of your marketing campaigns. This will also help reduce the unnecessary clutter on the database.

Myth No 4: Email marketing does not generate actual results

Many people who are not familiar with the concept of digital marketing believe that email marketing does not generate actual results. But that is not true. For starters, a report revealed that email marketing has the highest return on investment. An investment of $1 on email marketing efforts resulted in the generation of $38.

If that is not enough, another research shows that the majority of the customers prefer receiving emails from brands regarding their campaigns and products. To conclude, email marketing does generate results and benefits all types of businesses.

Myth No 5: Emails without graphic content fail to catch the attention

This is the most widely accepted belief. However, it is entirely false that email is without graphic content does not get attention.

The effectiveness of an email campaign depends upon the creativity, innovation, and uniqueness of the idea behind such campaigns. The key to a successful email marketing campaign is the relevance of the information being provided in the emails and the transparency offered by the brand. It does not matter if images or videos are attached to an email if the content itself is creative and catchy.

Myth No 6: The Goal of email marketing campaigns is to reach out to as many people as possible.

While this myth is partially true, it is also partially flawed at many levels. The goal of email marketing campaigns is not to reach out to the masses. Instead, the goal is to make the brand familiar to the customers who trust the brand. The goal is to achieve customer loyalty and keep the customers informed about a brand and its marketing campaigns.

The ultimate goal is to establish a personal connection with each potential customer so they are not hesitant to transact with your business.

In all, it can be concluded that email marketing is not as complicated as many people believe it to be. A simple clarity regarding the objectives and outcomes from email marketing campaigns will always go a long way in generating desired results.

EmailWish is a great service provider for email campaigns. The affordable rates and effective plans help in generating the response of customers into profits for your business. Reach out to us using the contact information from our website and we will get back to you with more debunked myths about email marketing.

Mahima Chaudhary
Mahima Chaudhary
Mahima is an email marketing specialist who happens to enjoy other domains of digital marketing as well. She is interested in topics such as digital marketing, blogging, content creation, etc. She is working as an email marketing specialist, content creator and digital marketer for 2 years and 6 months and wrote for various companies on various platforms. She is also an ecommerce specialist. She aspires to explore more and add more value with her content.
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