How Email Marketing enhances the SEO of your website

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The title may surprise you! How do my email campaigns affect my SEO? Well the answer is they do and that too immensely. In this article we are going to discuss why and how email marketing is important for your SEO.

Email marketing has been around for 40 years now. Even after the launch of so many new platforms for promotion of online stores and content, Email marketing still remains one of the most used means of marketing. Over the years, it has improved significantly and so have the ways in which email marketing is done. Considering the overall development of the digital marketing world, some changes were necessary to be made to email marketing campaigns for more engagement and response.

Good SEO helps you rank higher on Google and so more people visit your website. Email Marketing helps in driving traffic to your website. As more and more people visit your website, that indicates google that people are liking what your website’s offering which again helps you rank higher. So basically, email marketing is just the reverse process of enhancing the SEO.

Ways in which email marketing can be leveraged to enhance your website’s SEO –

1. Emails help you drive organic and qualified traffic to your website:

We all know that the purpose of any marketing campaign is to drive more traffic and more importantly, more sales. However when you put out an ad on google or any social media platform, it is for a generic group of audience. In case of email marketing, emails will be sent to the people who have already visited your website once and have given their email address as an approval for receiving emails from you. Thus, it has more chances of driving people to your website who are more likely to convert into leads and buy from you.

Through consecutive emails and a user’s reaction to these emails, you can easily figure out what interests them. This way you can promote the products that have a greater chance of selling than any other products and services and your marketing campaigns get better over a series of emails once you get familiar with a user’s choices.

Email marketing also promotes your social media handles.
Almost every email you find in your inbox contains a company’s social media handles at the bottom of the email. It’s not necessary for them to be present at the bottom but it has just become a general trend.

The best part about it is that this promotion doesn’t look very salesy. You can promote your products and website and the promotion of your social media handles comes as a bonus.

2. Best way to re-engage and increase traffic on your website

It is a very common trend for the users to visit your website once and then never revisit again. It’s not necessarily because they don’t like your products and services but maybe because a user visits tones of websites everyday and they might just l forget that they ever even visited your website. Well, imagine how it looks for your website? Google takes it as an indication that users are not satisfied when they visit your website i.e your website is not providing any value to the visitors. Eventually such websites start to lose their ranking and start to shift further downwards in the results.

Email Marketing can help you prevent that to a great extent. How? Nothing beats emails when it comes to re-engaging customers. It is the best way to target and send personalized messages to a large mass of audience. Personalization adds empathy to a message and this is why personalized messages perform better than generalized messages.

Through past emails and a user’s responses, you can figure out what their references have been in the past and suggest and send relevant stuff to them. If they find value in these emails, there’s a high chance that they will buy from you again. The more people re-visit your website, the better Google considers it to be, giving your SEO a boost and helping you rank better.

3. Emails help in understanding user behavior and making necessary changes to the website.

Email marketing does not just include a single email, rather, it is a series of emails sent over specific intervals. The purpose of doing this is to observe a user’s behavior and identify their preferences.

Emails can also be used for conducting surveys, collecting user feedback, or sending follow-up emails. It not only gives an insight into a user’s choices but also helps in establishing long-term customer relations. This eventually helps in converting them into loyal customers who can help you in promoting your brand further and bringing in more site traffic.

An insight into your users’ behavior is necessary to be able to improvise and include features that can boost your growth. Besides this, surveys and testimonials from users also help in boosting your website’s performance. Better reviews automatically scale and improve your website’s performance and generate more leads.

4. Implement email content into the website

Companies usually include CTAs in their emails for making sales directly through the emails. You can use such emails to figure out what CTAs are performing the best with your users and why? Later you can implement them into your website.

This is not only limited to the CTAs. You can do the same thing with your newsletters and other email content. See what graphics or products are performing the best and then highlight those on your website. You can use all this data and repurpose content present on your website and on your social media handles.

5. Enhance your content strategy to meet the needs of your customers

If you’ve heard about A/B testing, you must know that every email marketer first tests and analyses some elements in every email they send out. These tests are necessary for improving the performance of email campaigns over a course of time.

The good part is a lot of data is needed to conduct these tests. So, most email marketers have lots of data reserves present with them. Using this data you can improve both your website and your overall content and marketing strategy.

Your emails may very well be your best resource to get customer insights and improvise your products and services. Test your headlines, products, CTAs, etc. by using them in your emails. If they perform well, you can implement them in your website and increase your on-site engagement.

6. An email Automation tool can help!

Email automation is important to conduct and manage your email marketing campaigns. They make your work a lot easier by automating the whole process from providing pre-built templates for your email campaigns to sending out timely emails to potential customers. Emailwish is also one such email automation tool. What distinguishes it from any other automation tool is it’s huge library of prebuilt templates for emails and pop-ups. Create beautiful pop-ups to collect email addresses, then create beautiful email designs or choose from the pre-built templates. Finally, it also helps you to collect and display the customer reviews on your website. All of these will improve your market presence and help your website rank higher on google.


Email marketing is evolving each day as the world of digital marketing is growing. Everyday, email campaigns are becoming more and more essential as businesses continue to shift online. This is why it’s important to know and understand what email marketing can do and how you can leverage it in the best possible way.

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