Different types of Customer reviews and how to collect them

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Different Types of Customer reviews and tips for collecting them

Customer reviews are important for your business to give you an idea about how well your business is actually performing. At the end of the day, the sales and revenue you generate decide your profit or loss. Customers’ feedback is the central part of every business, so their feedback is very important. This can help you structure your business in the most efficient manner and you can get the most optimum results out of it.

Customer review is a user’s opinion on a product or service that they have used and experienced. It is quite simple, a person buys a product, experiences how it works for them, and then gives a personal opinion about it on the company’s website or any other platform. Although the purpose of customer reviews is the same, there are many different types of them. In this blog let us discuss them one by one and what methods you can use to collect them.

1. Product or service review

A product or service review is a user’s review of a recently purchased product. These reviews are the most common types of reviews. After buying a product, people post their opinion about it. These reviews help other people who land on a website and are trying to make a purchase. If a person is new to your website, these customer reviews help them make an informed business.

The online market has always been doubted for the quality of its products and services. Website owners put fancy products on their websites at cheaper prices to attract customers. However, they don’t always deliver what they show. This is why people always check for customer reviews for the product they want to buy.

As a business, these reviews act like testimonials for you. Positive customer reviews could prove to be your biggest means of generating more leads and making more sales. Your customers could prove to be your biggest asset in bringing in more customers.

So How do you collect a product or service review? You can collect a product review anywhere on your website or on the product description page itself. Or drop an email to your clients requesting them to send you feedback about a product they purchased from you. Or offer some on-website or extra discount coupons to a user who uploads a review on your website and even more points for the ones that upload a picture along with the feedback.

2. Customer complaints

No business is perfect. Sometimes, there can be a very small problem in a business that could be creating a major problem on the user end. As a business owner, you have to handle a lot of things and these minor problems can escape the eye. However, a customer would notice all these problems. They are the ones paying for these products, so they will criticize the tiniest of these details. This criticism is the best way for you to improve your products and services as per your user’s requirements.

To collect this type of feedback, you can set up a live chat or a chatbot. This will allow your users to conversate with you and report any issues they face. The more convenient you make it for a customer to communicate and reach out to you, the more customers you’ll attract.

3. Customer queries

Often people confuse customer queries with customer complaints and end up mixing both. However, a customer query is completely different. A customer is a question raised by a customer regarding a product or service. It’s not necessarily a complaint. It can be a normal question regarding the operation or updates on a product.

You can use Live chats and chatbots to collect this type of feedback as well. This also goes to show your customers that you actively respond to them and genuinely care about their satisfaction with your products. It may not really show in the beginning but this will eventually help your business grow organically.

4. Customer preference

Customer preference is nothing but defining what the user wants. This information could help you modify your brand’s marketing and sales strategies according to your users’ needs. Everything from your website to your product design would be more appealing to the users.

Customer surveys and usability tests can help you collect this type of feedback. A customer survey is usually a part of user research. However, many companies do conduct customer surveys as their marketing strategy to improve their user experience.

Usability tests involve real users who test a product. While they are using the product and performing several tasks, the researchers monitor their experience. This helps them understand a user’s needs and requirements and later they can leverage their data to make improvements to their products and services.

5. Sales feedback

Sales feedback is a review of the sales and marketing strategies of your company. This type of feedback helps you gain important insights on how effective your marketing and sales strategies are. This way you can learn and discover new ways in which you can approach customers and make user-based decisions.

You can collect sales feedback via follow-up emails or post-purchase notifications. Sending review request emails after a product purchase is made or an after-delivery email could help in collecting this type of feedback. You can ask your customers to review the overall process of placing the order to the delivery of the product. This will help you in discovering if there are any defects pr delays in your services.

6. Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is when a customer becomes a repetitive buyer of your brand and helps in improving your brand image. These are the people who review your products across social media platforms or on your website and help you spread the word about your business.

The most effective way of collecting brand loyalty feedback is through customer surveys. You can ask your customers how do they like your services, how likely are they to recommend your brand to others or how do they like other brands compared to yours. All these questions will you the answers and insights into a customer’s loyalty.

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