Social Media Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Websites

One of the aspects that has played a bigger role in impacting customer behavior is social
media. Research has it that 55% of younger customers who purchase from independent retailers
discover the brands over social media platforms to the likes of Instagram and Facebook. The
number is a whopping 45% for the middle-aged population. Therefore it becomes important for
online stores to have a strategy that includes social media marketing as well.

Below are a few social media strategies for your online store.

1. Sharing

It is important that you understand that social media is where people stop by to socialize and
not to purchase items. Sustained interaction with content on social media, however, eventually
leads the consumer to product purchase. Thus it is time for ecommerce stores to become more
relational as opposed to having just a transactional relationship.

2. Building relationship with influencers

Its true that almost 75% of the population is indulged in social networks for guidance from
their favorite influencers. Hence, try to rope in some influencers who have a strong following.
They can help promote your products thus giving a boost to your brand value.

3. Blogging

Blogging serves as a pitch to launch new products and services and can redirect a lot of traffic
to your website. Tying your blog with engaging social media posts can string together a path for
a smoother buying journey of your customers.

4. Creative Communication

In social media posts, make sure that the entire theme and design of your page is parallel to
the core values of your brand. Using high conversion keywords in your social media posts can
also drastically increase your product’s visibility and reach.

5. Promotional offers

Discount and giveaway campaigns can be very effective in social media. It is seen that a huge
bulk of social media users look forward to such campaigns, increasing the brand popularity
manifold. So it’s a good area to invest your creative brains at.

6. Instant messaging

It can be beneficial as it allows customers to interact with the brand with speed and efficiency
while acting as an effective lead generation tool.

The answer to a successful social media strategy for eCommerce business is being consistent. Not
only does it increase your reach but also helps in audience engagement. Having a posting schedule
can go along way in ensuring consistency.
Social media marketing strategies certainly make your customer’s process of product discovery much
smoother and can in turn, boost your conversion rate.

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