Reasons to Add a Blog to You E-commerce website

What is blogging?

Blogging is any writing, photography or any document presented online, usually self-published. It started as a way for individual writers sharing their opinions, only to be converted later as a means for businesses to grow. Blogging is based on informal language  so readers can relate personally and start a conversation. Hence, it becomes important for businesses to cater to their target audience with greater content that might be useful for their customers.

Below are 5 reasons why an e-commerce website should be opting blogging as a means of growing.

1. Search Engine Optimization

It is important that your brand should reach your target audience. So you need to drive more audience to your e-commerce website. This is where blogging comes into being as an effective way to reach out to people. The more content you have, the more your website will index—and the more potential clients will find their way to your website. 

As you share your new blog posts on your social media profiles, you will create more backlinks to your website, which will further boost the SEO of your website.

2. Customer Engagement

When a customer stops by your website he/she is not just looking for products but also a way to trust your products. Blogging helps you engage your customers with stories of satisfied customer experiences. You can include pictures and the reviews you have had. 

Furthermore, including product information can work wonders for your customers who are looking for various ways your products can be used. 

3. Announcements

Your new blog is an excellent place for your customers to learn your latest news and updates. This could be anything from new products, answer to your most Frequently Asked Questions, seasonal promotions, or anything new about your company you would like to share. 

4. Online Community

There is a huge benefit of having an online community. Just as with social media, ensure you actively respond to all comments and private messages. This makes your customers feel as if they are part of a larger online community.

5. Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is key to trigger your sales. Without loyalty, there is no way that your customer would come back to your website for further purchases. While your blog alone will not build brand loyalty, it plays a key role in the process. As long as your posts are an appropriate balance of professional, fun, relevant, and informative—they will help to build loyalty. 

These are but a few reasons why blogging is an important part of any e-commerce website given it helps in increasing conversion rates, brings in a large customer community and triggers sales. While results will not be achieved overnight, your e-commerce blog will begin to pay off within your first few months.

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