Advanced Features to Add to your Ecommerce Platform

With the growing competition in the online platform, the importance of upgrading your
ecommerce store has become manifold. Going beyond basic designing and retail has become a
necessity to attract more customers and trigger your sales.

What are the tools to boost your store?

1. Reporting tools

Reporting tools help you keep a track of your sales when you make certain changes to your
marketing strategies or during festivals. They help you get a better understanding of the
audience you attract. By adding powerful reporting tools, you’ll be able to track which
products are selling faster than others. It helps you in avoiding running out of stock or
piling up the wrong products in your inventory.

2. Recovery of abandoned carts

The biggest problem any ecommerce website manager would tell you is about the abandonment
of carts. You can’t remove it entirely, although you can always set a reminder for your
customer. Cart abandonment emails work like magic by reminding your customers about his/her
favorite products still waiting in the cart. Try to make it look urgent given the genuine
chances of the products going out of stock.

3. Optimized sorting and filtering options

Life is really easy when everything in it is organized. That’s what filtering and sorting do.
Make things easy and smooth for your customer so he can reach exactly where he wants to land
in your website. For that, your filters should be optimized and sorting, properly handled.
Offering filters that not only separate by colors but also size and discounts can work wonders
for your customer. That directly increases their chances to come back again.

4. Integrated Blog

Blogging is an important part of any website. Sometimes ecommerce websites tend to exclude
blogging from their arena. We might think why should our buyers be willing to read blogs when
they are here for products. But you can create posts about product details, how they are to
be managed or customer stories. It makes your website more trustworthy and interactive for
your customers. An active blog also gives search engines more opportunities to increase their
chances of showing up in search results.

5. Mobile optimization

With more than 50% of internet traffic coming from mobile phones, it becomes really important
that your ecommerce website is optimized for the same. Try to make it easier for your
customers to view, select and check out from their mobile phones.

6. Social media influence

Social media has a great impact on ecommerce platforms. Setting up an Instagram accounts and
reaching out to the public works wonders in triggering sales. Plan to devote some time to your
store’s SEO to ensure your product titles, page titles, product descriptions, and images are
optimized for search engines as well.

These are but a few tools you can consider adding to your ecommerce website given they help
increase traffic on your online store, thus triggering your sales and reach. Patience and
hard work are the key to excelling in the field, so keep trying creative ways to engage your
customers when they stop by your store

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