Ecommerce Email Marketing Case Study: How Musiq X Increased Their Open Rates

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1. What Is Email Automation?

E-mail automation is one of the most effective channels for marketing in the business industry today. It can help the customers to know more about the brand, which helps build a good relationship with the clients for the long-term. It also increases loyalty.

According to research, approximately 90% of people found the personalized content quite appealing and engaging. 96% of the visitors on your website are not interested in buying any stuff. But when they surf your website, then they show interest in your services.

To indulge them in your services or products, the best way to encourage them is by inviting them to subscribe to your e-mail list. You can offer special discounts or coupons once done; keeping them interested in your firm for a longer period of time.

1.1 What is MUSIQ X?

Musiq X is for the leaders & trendsetters. The ones who get stuff done and have fun while doing it. Musiq X’s distinct sound has brought together all the music lovers present globally, showing the love for good music is a universal one. The company was very clear with the audience they wanted to target. They outlined their audience and targeted them by blasting the emails. A company has to be quite precise and has to know its audience well to use targeted automated emails.
musc lovers, trendsetters, automation, marketing

Musicq X reached out to several groups, for example, they targetted luxury shoppers and customers looking for sports electronics or young shoppers.

At the moment, there are around 24.6 million active customers on Musicq X with an average number of 29 million orders per quarter and up to 1500 known brands for fashion, shoes, and various apparel.

The Company used email automation to target its customers and to send them personalized emails related to the offers provided from their side. Thia helped them gain a lot of popularity as well. 

1.2 What were the challenges that were faced?

One of the reasons why the company faced a reduced response rate was because the manual work wasn’t up to par. It was one of the major points of failure for Musiq X Once it was fixed, there was an increase of 13.4% in the response rate.

It is important to understand that if a customer does not respond, it’s likely just because they are busy and not always because they are least interested.

Musicq X outlined a quick and appealing email with a target of grabbing the attention of the recipient and building their interest in the products.

the following is an actual email sent to a customer. The names have been changed to protect their identity. 

Subject: Hi Abigail! 

Welcome to the Musicq X tribe!

Find all your music needs here with us, Anywhere you go.

I really appreciate you joining us on a musical ride

You are now on the list and the first one to know about our Brand News, Exclusive Offers, and Much More

As a Token of Appreciation Take 10% OFF on your next purchase with the code:


We look forward to sharing our awesome journey with you. Thank you and have an awesome day ahead !


For any assistance or help you need, feel free to contact us anytime.

E-mail id: {store_email}

Phone number: {store_phonenumber}



The e-mail also addresses the recipient by name. Musicq X sent this type of personalized e-mails to over 500 prospects and received 67 replies, and got a response rate of around 13.4%. In the email above, you can notice that they have directly spoke of the product that the user was interested in. 

So wasting your time in elaborating on part which the prospect customer will not be reading.

Here is a quick summary of the results they saw after sending the personalized emails to the customers:

  • 25 % increase in the opening rate
  • 38% increase in revenues 
  • 66% increase in the click rate

2. In a Nutshell

Automated Email played a vital role in Musicq X’s marketing strategy. Automated e-mails are perplexing but can help the company in broader ways. It helps increase customer interaction as well. It is easy to develop email campaigns especially with the beautiful templates that Emailwish already has. It also helps when a good strategy marketing strategy is used. You should identify your target audience and research the web to get their details. This knowledge that you gain, helps you understand your audience and anticipate their needs. 

Ankit Srivastava
Ankit Srivastava
Ankit is a Computer Science engineer by education. He graduated from JUIT, India with a bachelors in Computer Science. Ankit runs a variety of online businesses in the field of mobile apps, SAAS Ecommerce stores and a small design and development studio. He is founder of Android app MusiqX which has generated over 4 million downloads worldwide along the founder of and You can reach out to him on his Instagram or Facebook
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