Ecommerce Email Marketing Case Study: How HappyChien saved 37% of their abandoned carts

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1. What are Automated Emails?

Automated Emails, as the name suggests, are auto-generated emails by a computer code that improves and solves many problems. Automated Emails make email marketing much easier, and can be extremely beneficial to the e-commerce store using this method.

Automated emails often help overturn visitors on a store into regular and genuine customers. The best example of this process is when you look at abandoned carts. Abandoned carts are when a website visitor adds items and products into their carts but leaves the website without actually making a purchase. According to a report, about 75% of users fail to become customers because of this last minute change in feelings. In other words, 3 out of 4 users don’t order the products after adding it to the cart.

And that is the number that has slowly been increasing in recent years. But through Automated Emails, you can fight with this number efficiently and convert your visitors into customers.

1.1 How does Automated emails work on Abandoned Carts?

Automated emails for abandoned carts generally are sent within a set timeframe. Essentially this is to ensure that the potentially customer doesnt lose interest nor do they get their product from another source. So Emailwish sends a follow-up email the customer who has added items to their cart and left without purchasing.

Since emails remain one of the most effective marketing tools. Abandoned cart emails work to remind customers of items they left in the cart – enticing them to come back to purchase what they are already so close to buying, but customers expect more than just a mass marketing mailout. They want to feel special and appreciated. 

While almost all companies, large and small use this form of email marketing it is a form of marketing that never fails. Emailwish ensures that your company not only increases the number of customers, but also helps better the customer satisfaction and interaction. 

How do you make your company stand out? Here are some strategies that might help you! 

  • Social proofs in emails
  • Loyalty


1.1a Social Proofs in emails

Consumers and customers have become increasingly more aware of fake, and fradulent claims and are much more careful today. First time visitors, will need more incentives to buy from your website. 

Social proof is when the customer makes a decision based on the opinion of other people before purchasing any product. They like to listen to influencers, experts, group opinions, and what their friends and loved ones think. 

The following are some ways to establish social proof in specifically in emails:

  1. Positive reviews
  2. Customer testimonials
  3. Influencer approval
  4. Growing your social media following
  5. Number of customers
  6. Awards and recognition
family, rating, positive review

It is found that approximately  82% of the customers seek the recommendations from their friends and families.                  

(source: sproutsocial)

Customers also rely on experts as well. therefore when HappyChein used expert reviews as part of their attempt to provide social proof, they experienced amazing changes. All beacuse they change one small aspect of their marketing strategy. 




 1.1b Loyalty

The most tried and tested way to attract customers or to increase sales is to give discount coupons. What does this do?  It helps develop a sense of laoyalty toward the company in a customer. 

discount codes, coupons, customer satisfaction
Loyalty to the company

But does providing coupons disturb the sales margin hence degrading the brand value and making the comapny suffer loss? The idea behind giving put discounts, is to give them to only the most loyal and consistent customers. This increases the amount of time that the customer spends on your website as well. Which is essentially the most important thing that helps increase revenue. 

2 Who is HappyChein?, an online pet supply store, is very strategic with their automated emails. Their professionalism combined with informative content made them our favorite email marketing case study. Their professionalism combined with a way of dealing with email marketing has increased their revenue to $20,000 monthly 

 (Source:, 8th November 2020).

Moreover, It is observed that their ratings have increased their sale from $15,000 to $18,000 in the year 2020. A year in which many companies had to shut down. 

2.1 Here are some challenges that Happychein faced. 

HappyChein received more than 10,000 emails daily and it was difficult for them to acknowledge all the emails.

The emails weren’t prioritized based on their importance and many emails were left ignored which was again a challenging thing for them.

They essentially wanted to automate the entire process to avoid long turn-around-time.

2.2 What was the solution?

How did they switch to automated emails? After a detailed analysis of the customer’s workflow and their requirements, HappyChein proposed personalized e-mails to 800 prospects, received 80 replies, with a response rate of around 15.6%.

There was a tremendous increase in the popups! There was an increase of 75% in the social proofs. They saved up to 86% of abandoned carts as well. Which means their strategy of Automated emails was working!

3. Automated Emails for Abandoned Carts are very promising. organized a campaign where they asked the customers to personalize their product preference.

automation, follow-up, customer loyalty
Automated emails

Two weeks after the initial purchase by the customer, they send a follow-up message asking the customer to provide feedback about their purchase. This provides enough time for the customer to actually use the product.




They have recovered their approximately 35% abundant cart customers using these Emails. Which means that customer loyalty and revenue has also increased. 

Sales, eCommerce, customer happiness

Source: Survey conducted by on 8th November 2020

4. Conclusion

Abandoned Carts Email automation, can help in recovering a huge amount of revenue for the company. The best advantage of email automation is your customers fall more in love with the brand and comapny. It also helps in keeping the customers hooked onto your products. Keeping all the strategies in mind and switching to email automation can help your business regain more customers by 37%



Ankit Srivastava
Ankit Srivastava
Ankit is a Computer Science engineer by education. He graduated from JUIT, India with a bachelors in Computer Science. Ankit runs a variety of online businesses in the field of mobile apps, SAAS Ecommerce stores and a small design and development studio. He is founder of Android app MusiqX which has generated over 4 million downloads worldwide along the founder of and You can reach out to him on his Instagram or Facebook
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