Ecommerce Email Marketing Case Study: How “Run With The Sky” increased online revenue by 60%

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1. Email Automation

Email Automation is when planned emails are sent to the customers at specific time intervals.  They also help understand their responses and actions on the website. Automated emails help bring in onboarding new customers. This means they can send many emails in one go, to all the new customers instead of sending them one by one. Email automation has become a primary source for effective marketing. Indicating that every business should consider adding automated emails that respond to customer actions. A few examples of the kind of automated emails that are sent are welcome emails, thankyou emails, and feedback emails. The following case study of Run With The Sky should help you understand, why email automation helps a business and how Emailwish helps in this process.


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Run With The Sky is a unisex clothing line that offers a variety of options for its customers. Products displayed on this website are handpicked and tested by the team. They carefully curate their products and have traveled the world looking for renowned artisans and designers to get the best product for the customers.  The aim of this company was to ensure that everyone had access to the best quality of street style wear, with ethical pricing. To ensure that they reached out to all the customers who visited their online store, they began using email automation.

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Email automation

Email automation changed the marketing game for Run With The Sky.  They began to send emails that reminded customers of abandoned carts. This helped them convert over 68% of site visitors that had abandoned carts on their site, into customers.  This also helped them recover about 7.9% of lost sales. The idea behind automated emails about abandoned carts was to increase the incentives of the individual to actually buy the product. The emails essentially acted as a reminder of not only the product but also of the ethical pricing the Run With The Sky provided them.

The following email is a template of what was sent to a customer who had abandoned their cart on the website. The name has been changed to protect their identity.

Sub: Hey Ashley! the Run With The Sky, RWTS-20 “self worth” tee, you added to cart is selling out fast !  

Hey Ashley!

I hope you are doing great! I am Felicia a team member from Run With The Sky!
You recently added the Run With The Sky, RWTS-20 “self worth” tee
to your cart but didn’t complete the purchase. 

I wanted to let you know that we are holding the cart items for you but don’t wait too long! We are selling out fast. what are you waiting for? Order today!

Your Cart :


Click the link below to resume purchase of these items


If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us at:

E-mail id: {store_email}

Phone number: {store_phonenumber}



This e-mail automation sequence comes pre-built with Emailwish.


The company at one point suffered severe losses. Their deliverability was not great. They weren’t able to retain customers as the check-in’s with their customers was lacking. Customer interactions were practically nonexistent. Which in turn affected their revenue as well. All of this changed with the help Emailwish provided and especially through email automation. In order to gain back their momentum, they switched to the various e-commerce solutions that are offered by email wish. So what does Emailwish do? It combines email marketing with email retargeting, email automation, and personalization. This helped them create engaging, effective, and appealing emails in a short span of time.

The following email is a template of what was sent to a customer after their first purchase on the website. The name has been changed to protect their identity.

Template :

Sub: Hey Zach! Welcome to the club

Hey Zach,

We are excited that you have joined our club ! It all starts here. Good things are coming your way, like special offers, discounts, gift baskets, brand news and so much more. 

We look forward to sharing our awesome journey with you. Thank you and have an awesome day ahead !

Warmest regards,


For any assistance or help you need, feel free to contact us anytime.

E-mail id: {store_email}

Phone number: {store_phonenumber}



This e-mail automation template comes pre-built with Emailwish.


With consistent email automation and marketing, Run With The Sky was able to see amazing and some really satisfying results. With a dedicated approach, these are just a few of the statistical data of their results they saw after switching to automated emails:

  • Their sales increased by 60%.
  • 34% from cart recovery campaigns
  • 26% of browse recovery campaigns.
  • Open rates on other email campaigns have increased by 10%
  • click-through rates by 15%.

With the help of Emailwish, they were able to specifically target abandoned cart customers. Not only did this give the 68% turnover of their website visitors, but they were also able to see a greater, and genuine interest in their products from a larger audience.  Within a week or two of abandoning the carts, the customers began to come back and order the products again. this helped generate triple the amount of revenue that the company initially started off with.  After having the onboarding, there was a sudden increase in revenue by 18%. After a span of time, the revenue increased by 65% and continues to increase at a steady rate.

2. Conclusion

Emailwish helped Run With The Sky increase their revenue, by using email automation. With email automation, a series of automated emails can be sent according to the choice of the company including thankyou emails, and review emails. With detailed lists and segmentation Emailwish also helped Run With The Sky choose the specific audience that they wanted to target through their email marketing strategy. What email automation with Emailwish also achieved was to automatically combine customers into Run With The Sky’s system, immediately after performing any of the actions that the company chose to track. Customer response and actions on the website also helped the e-commerce store determine what messages to send them next via the system provided by Emailwish without any additional demands on your limited resources. In a nutshell, Emailwish and automated emails make the marketing strategy of an e-commerce store organized and scalable.

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