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Shopify has grown to stand among the top three eCommerce platforms after Woocommerce and Magento in the last decade. The company reported annual revenue of $2.9 Billion for the year 2020 as compared to $1.5 billion in 2019. This adds up to an increase of 86% in just one year.

The pandemic struck market reasons out the dramatic increase in the revenue generated by the company. Even without that happening Shopify was expected to grow into one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the upcoming years. However, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, that happened way ahead of time.

As Shopify gains more popularity, people are eventually going to buy more from Shopify stores, thereby increasing potential customers for your business. On the other hand, there will be more competition. Thus, to ensure you stand out from your customers, there are some Shopify tools available that help you increase your potential as a business.

These Shopify tools help you enhance your services and perform various business analysis from time to time to evaluate the growth of your business. Be it coming up with a name for your business or creating a logo, you don’t have to worry about a single thing, these tools will help you with each and every step of your business management.

Let’s discuss some of the best Shopify tools that are present in the market today.

Best Shopify tools for your business.

1. Kit – Shopify tool for marketing automation.

Kit Shopify is a marketing automation tool that helps you lunch marketing and communication campaigns quickly and effectively. From sending out emails and social media posts to setting reminders, scheduling campaigns, and much more, Kit is a perfectly designed combo pack for business marketing. This tool is specially designed as an integration for Shopify and acts likes a virtual assistant to help you with all your management and marketing tasks.

Key features –
  • Launch successful campaigns – Kit helps you launch more consistent campaigns that have a high success rate. You can use it to create targeted social media posts, send out targeted and more relevant emails. Retarget your customers, send out product updates, or review requests with the email templates available on Kit.
  • Mobile-Friendly – The best part is Kit has a mobile-friendly version available. This allows you to control your campaigns from anywhere and at any time.
  • Regular updates – Kit sends you regular text reminders about your social media posts, so you can never forget to post on your social media platforms. Forget the times when you have to come up with a different social media post each time you need to announce a discount coupon or product update.
  • Create custom discount codes and promote them easily – Kit can create a custom discount code for you and after that, it will automatically promote that code on social media and in email campaigns. Lastly, since Kit is owned by Shopify, it is easy to integrate and use it.

2. Pretty Product Pages – Shopify tool for page design.

Product pages are the most important pages of your Shopify store. How these pages are designed matters a lot when customers are scrolling through them. They should be descriptive enough so that the user doesn’t have to struggle while looking for information about the product they are trying to purchase.

Key Features –
  • Generate more sales – It is a very common problem that your website may get many visitors, but only a few of them actually buy something. This is because, when a person visits your website, they are just casually scrolling. Using pretty product pages, you can design a quick look into the benefits and features of a product for every product on your product page. This will help you capture your customer’s attention and make more sales.
  • Make your product pages Visually appealing – Pretty product pages, as the name suggests help you arrange and display your products in a way that visually stands out. You can add unlimited features to a product and display them effectively.
  • Enhances SEO – Pretty product pages help your pages rate higher on google by enhancing the SEO on your product pages.
  • Access design templates – you can choose from the various high converting design templates.

3. Business Name Generator 

With so many businesses popping up each day, it’s hard to come up with a name that hasn’t already been taken. Business Name Generator allows you to easily come up with a suitable name for your business. All you have to do is enter the keywords related to your business and this tool will present a whole list of available domain names. You can purchase the business domain you want and you’re good to go.

Key Features –
  • Easy to set up and use – While there are a lot of tools available in the market, Business Name Generator is easier to use because you’re buying your domain name directly from Shopify. You can create a Business name in less than 10 seconds.
  • Clear and unique names – Your business name will be the first thing people see when it comes to branding. It should be clear what you offer as a business. A unique and clear business name will help people remember you precisely. After all, your business name is the first thing that distinguishes you from your customers.

4. Slogan Maker

A catchy slogan helps you distinguish from the rest of your competitors. A slogan that clearly represents the motto of your business and is catchy enough to get stuck in the users’ brains. With Slogan maker, you can create catchy slogans, banners, social media, and ad copies in just a few minutes.

Key Features –
  • Easy and Quick – Slogan maker works similarly to the Business Name Generator. All you have to do is enter your business name, your niche, or simply a keyword from your business domain. The Slogan Maker will present a list of all the slogans that you can use.
  • So many slogans to choose from – You can use multiple keywords while searching for slogans. There will be different slogans for every keyword you enter.
  • Sparks your creativity – Slogan Maker is a blessing to copywriters. When you have a hard time coming up with ideas to create good copy, Slogan Maker is a good tool to take inspiration from.

5. Hatchful – Shopify tool for generating logos.

Hatchful is a Shopify tool that helps you generate a logo for your business. A logo acts as a visible symbol of your business. Even on your social media pages, it acts as your business symbol and helps people recognize your brand. Hatchful offers you several logos to choose from. You can pick whichever you like and use it for your store.

Key Features –
  • Free and premium version available – If you are on a low budget, you can use the free version of Hatchful and choose from the free designs. If you have the budget for the premium plans you can choose from their premium designs.
  • Many options to choose from – While creating a logo on Hatchful, you can choose from a wide variety of test styles, fonts, styles, and colors. This way, you will create something that you love and which is absolutely unique to your business.
  • Niche-wise logo creation – You can also create a logo on Hatchful according to your niche. Enter your business name and niche, choose the text style and colors, and Boom! Choose from numerous logos presented by Hatchful. Different logo designs are also available for various niches like travel, tech, beauty, fashion, health, etc. With so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to find your desired logo.
  • Professional and cost-effective – Hatchful is a very cost-effective tool and is easy to use. It can help you create a logo that looks creative and professional at just $10.

6. LayoutHub Easy Page Builder

LayoutHub Easy page builder is a Shopify tool that helps you design the layout of your Shopify store. Using this you can create professional websites with high conversion rates so that you can spend more time on your business development ideas rather than working on website designs.

Key Features –
  • Library of Pre-designed layouts – LayoutHub has a large number of pre-designed layouts and blocks that you can choose from. Based on your requirements, you can either import a complete page layout or insert individual blocks in any position to attain the design you want.
  • Create whatever pages you want – LayoutHub allows you to build any page of your Shopify store. You can create home pages, sales pages, product pages, about us pages, contact us pages, 404 error pages, coming soon pages, and many more.
  • Easy to use – LayoutHub is designed for non-technical people. Therefore, anyone can easily use it to design their website layout. It is very easy to preview and import the layouts, to begin with. It has both free and premium versions available and you can choose to work with any of them depending upon your requirements.
  • Compatible and responsive for all devices – Whether you’re working on a desktop or a mobile, this Shopify tool is compatible with all devices.
  • High-Speed optimization – LayoutHub has planned to release 30 -50 new layouts per month to extend the design options. All the layouts in LayoutHub are optimized for high conversion rates and fast loading speed.

7. EmailWish – Email Automation tool for Shopify.

What if we told you that you can find most of the above features in just one tool? Yes, that’s right! Emailwish is a tool that can help you solve all your Shopify problems. Need email automation for your marketing campaigns? Choose from the library of our pre-built email templates. Need to include live chats and chatbots on your Shopify store? Leave it to us. Can’t decide how to display your customer reviews on your store? We can help! Need to create pop-ups for your web store? We got you covered!

Ask us anything and we will help. Even if it is not something from our niche, our industry experts can suggest to you the right tools for your business. Emailwish is your one-stop solution for all your business-related problems.

Key Features –
  • Thousand of prebuilt email templates and automations – Emailwish has a collection of pre-built email templates that you can use in your email marketing campaigns. You can create and launch email campaigns within minutes, just set the triggers and schedule your emails as per your needs.
  • Include live chats and chatbots – Live chats and chatbots have become the backbone of customer support. Emailwish helps you include an effective communication channel in your store where you can converse and solve your customers’ queries.
  • Create beautiful pop-ups for your store – Pop-ups are considered to increase your conversion rate up to 60%. With Emailwish you can create beautiful pop-ups in less than 30 seconds. These pop-ups work across various platforms and can be easily integrated with whatever platform you need.
  • Collect and Respond to customer feedback easily – With our review request email templates and live chats, you can easily collect customer reviews for your products. You can use Emailwish automation to respond to these reviews directly from your Shopify store.
  • Display reviews on your Shopify store – The customer reviews that you collect across multiple platforms need to be effectively displayed on your store so that you can make the most of those reviews. Emailwish helps you display these reviews on your Shopify store in a visually appealing manner. This will increase your customer trust and loyalty.

8. ModeMagic- A No-Code Store Merch Toolkit

ModeMagic is an all-in-one, no-code, store merchandising toolkit that highlights products across your store. It comes with 5000+ customization options and design inspirations to choose from, requires 0 coding skills, automates store updates, and is known for customer support. And through its data-driven visual merchandising, it basically puts your store on auto-pilot. With its super effective customizations and automation options, ModeMagic by Mason has seemed to have boosted consumer engagement by a staggering 149% and improved conversions by up to 25% for up to 10,000 global brands. 

Key Features –

– Automation: Auto-updates product labels instantly by connecting product images to inventory & pricing engines.
– Product Feature Cards: Converts tons and tons of product descriptions into feature cards for instantly communicating product features with customers.
– Animated Product Labels: Grab customer attention by telling a visually appealing story on your product images through animated badges that transform your product details page into a product story page.


The above tools and techniques for Shopify help you enhance your Shopify store and leave an impact on the audience. When your Shopify store looks appealing, people will obviously want to check out your products. Give your visitors something different from what they will usually find. So, invest in these tools and stand out from the crowd.

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