6 Creative Content Ideas for E-commerce Websites

Today every ecommerce business is looking for a greater outreach to the audience. With more than
half of the world population today stuck to their devices in hand, social platforms have become
the new space of competition for booming businesses. Every single one of them is engaged in standing
out over the others. However, producing same kind of brand creates a saturation point where the
customers have nothing new to see in the market.

But there have been few businesses who regularly look into updating their websites with the latest
trends in the society and market. They mold into the market like butter, making it easier for
people to make these companies their first choice.

What can you do for boosting the content of your ecommerce website?

Companies have a separate team for content ideas and implementation because they know the importance
of using content to have maximum impact on their audience. A company with updated content will always
fare well in comparison to other companies. Below are a few ideas to bring about a change for the

1. Product Videos

Research has it that product videos have a great impact on customers. They have proved to increase the
likelihood of a purchase by 86%. It proves the huge potential they carry in driving sales up for any
ecommerce website.

2. Product Description

Given the large inventory, companies refrain from having separate product descriptions for each product.
However, it might not be a good idea because a lot of other companies also do the same. So it is only
beneficial to take time and efforts to write good product descriptions. These small changes can make your
customers understand that you care. You can talk about product experiences apart from bland descriptions.

3. Youtube videos

Not many companies make such big investments to go for Youtube. But just so you know, it’s a great platform
to target at your audience. With a bigger population now stuck to Youtube and Instagram, it’s a good
enough investment to make. You can easily direct your audience to your website if you successfully satisfy
them with your videos.

4. Magazine-like content

You can have story pages, or similar blog pages with content where the customer can relate to the product,
see the images of your products, and you’ll be halfway done. All that matters is that the customer sees the
product and is triggered to purchase it from you. You have to make sure, everything you post, is in trend. It
should be such that the customer gets excited about having the product.

5. Newsletters

Newsletters are visually appealing emails with pictures. People don’t always have the luxury of visiting your
retail site, given the growing middle class today. They might miss out on the great offers you have come up
with. Newsletters come to rescue at such times. In fact, customers are more than happy to be receiving such
emails at a personal space without having to skim through your retail space.

6. Interactive visual content

Recently, ecommerce websites have moved towards having an interactive space for their customers. They take up
quizzes related to their products, equally helpful for their customers. For a company selling essential oils,
it can go up with a quiz about the hair type or skin type and allot their best product as per the needs of the
customer. This is actually a very interesting way to sell your products online. You just have to interact well
with your target audience.

There are a lot more engaging content ideas like memes and infographics, sometimes comics. It is all up to you
to keep experimenting with the ideas and observing which one gives the maximum engagement and triggers your

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