What are push notifications and how they can help you get clients?

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In this era of growing competition over online platforms, it is getting harder each day to get recognition. Businesses and companies use many tricks and tools to reach out to more people and generate more leads for their business. New tools and technologies are also emerging for this purpose. One of these techniques is push notifications.

It can be considered a separate digital marketing platform because it is used to drive traffic to an app or website. They help in increasing repeat visits, user retention, and re-engagement. Especially, if you own a mobile application, you need to know more about push notifications ad how you can leverage them to generate more leads.

What is a Push Notification?

What are push notifications and how can they help you drive more traffic to your website

Push Notifications are just like pop-ups that appear on your customers’ devices when they are visiting a website or scrolling through it. They allow you to re-engage with your current or previous customers and can be set up to help retain them on your website for longer periods of time, which helps convert them into new clients.

We all have seen push notifications at some point. Remember those annoying advertisements that show up in your mobile notifications at random? Well, those notifications will prove to be very useful to you in your business for directing traffic to your website or mobile application. Niel Patel, a digital marketing agency owner, claims to have directed 231,608 visitors to his website using push notifications.

To be honest, today people have so many applications on their phones that they don’t even remember them. To be able to re-engage all these customers, you need to remind them regularly about your products and services. Besides email marketing, push notifications are your best chance to interact with your customers regularly and send them constant reminders about new offers and discounts, product updates, sales, etc.

How Push notifications can help you drive more traffic?

How PUSH NOTIFICATIONS help you drive more traffic

Studies show that an average mobile user receives nearly 46  notifications on their devices each day. Considering the average time people spend on their phones i.e 6.9 hours a day, some of these push notifications are definitely going to generate some leads.
Let us see how –

1. Users can opt whether they want these notifications or not

A user can choose whether he wants to receive notifications or not

It is often frustrating when you keep receiving notifications that even want. A person visits several websites in a day and if each one of them keeps sending forced notifications to the user, he might go crazy. Push notifications allow users to opt-out or turn off these notifications whenever they want. This way the user has complete control over what notifications they want to receive.

Push notifications, or any type of contact message, can be really frustrating when they are not related to a user’s interests. So the success of your push notifications depends on how relevant they are. If there are people who find these notifications annoying, there are also people who like to receive these notifications so that they can be up-to-date with their favorite brands and products.

2. They provide easy and quick updates

Oush notifications help you provide easy and quick updates to your clients.

Push notifications are like quick notes of necessary updates that help users stay connected with their favorite products and stores. Most of these notifications are designed, keeping in mind the busy schedules of today’s generation. People don’t have time to read through long messages and emails, this is why push notifications are getting more popular.

Many push notifications utilize a user’s data, collected at the time of signing up to send them relevant notifications. You can set up your app to track a user’s location after taking their permission. This will help you send them notifications based on their geographical location.

3. Push Notifications save time.

Push notifications save time by keeping the message short and accurate

Push notifications are short snippets of text that appear in a user’s notification bar. They deliver quick and important updates through minimal texts and images. These notifications are beneficial for both marketers and users because they save a lot of time.
For a marketer, it’s really difficult and time-taking to write newsletters each time a new update comes on. It takes a lot of creative thinking and approach to come up with a compelling copy, offers, and updates every now and then. This is not the case with Push notifications. They are comparatively much easier to design and write. They have a very minimal design and need limited text. In a push notification, a marketer has to write one to two lines accompanied by a CTA button.

For a user, push notifications are quick updates. They don’t need to sit and read a 4 paragraph email or newsletter just to check out what’s new. They can just swipe into their notification panel and click on the CTA button if they wish to know more.

With push notifications, it is easier to reach your target customers at the right time, and because these notifications are easy to check and read, you are likely to get more instant responses through them as compared to emails or newsletters. You can send out location-based and time-zone-based notifications, automate these notifications and reach out to anyone at any time. One more advantage of sending out push notifications is that, unlike emails, they will not end up in spam. You don’t even have to invest in a mobile application just to stay connected with your users. As long as your users have a mobile device that supports web browsers like chrome and opera through which they can sign up for your notifications.

4. They enhance the user experience.

Push notifications enhance the user experience

Push notifications help in improving the overall user experience. This is precisely why push notifications have a click-through rate up to 8times more than emails. It is not necessary that you only use push notifications for product updates or promotions, you can also use these notifications to send regular tips on how to make the best out of your products, services, application, website, etc

When it comes to user experience, personalized notifications are also extremely important. Sending relevant notifications and messages to people is sure to increase your conversion rate and generate more sales. Why would people want to open something they are not interested in? Therefore, study and understand your users before sending out push notifications or emails.

One more thing that plays a huge role in enhancing user experience is how you create notifications for different devices. Is your user an IOS user or an Android user will affect how many people actually see your notification. The notification centers and different for both of them. In an IOS device, notifications will disappear on unlocking the phone irrespective of whether the user has opened the app to see the messages or not. However, in an Android device, the notifications will not disappear until the user has read the message or taken any other action. These facts will help you work on different approaches for IOS and Android users.


Competition is fierce in the business world and if you want to stand against everyone else, you’ve got to focus on the users instead of your products. Anyone can sell, but only true entrepreneurs understand their users’ problems and provide solutions. Push notifications are a way to address your users regularly and keep them updated about new products. Not only that but you can send little tips or advice to your users that can help them have the best experience with your products. Quick and informative is the need of the hour and so are push notifications.

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