Tips for efficient product management on ecommerce websites

Marketing is the key to keeping any company in business. So for any company that there is, it becomes important to market products efficiently. Product information covers more than 70% of content on any ecommerce website. This makes it an important area to focus on while building an ecommerce website.

How to do it?

There are a lot of ecommerce websites to the likes of Shopify that have built-in facilities but after all you should be acquainted with the basics of product management. Here are a few tips to help you organize your inventory.

1. High definition photos

Capture good quality pictures of your products from all angles. You can also have pictures of your products in use. Try to be as creative as possible with your products.

2. Detailed descriptions

Descriptions are important in case of products, just so your customers know what they would be buying from you. Include every detail, like color, size, weight and material. This helps in minimizing customer inquiry. Usage of keywords in product titles and description works wonders to achieve search engine ranking.

3. Product options

Keep your customers engaged by giving them options of different variables of the same product they’re looking. Options like size and color can act as great variables which can be included in the similar products section.

4. Product pricing

Many ecommerce platforms provide single-item or group pricing options. You can try those hacks and make it easier for your customers to decide whether to go for individual items or combos. Make sure to include sale and discount prices on the products.

5. Item size and weight

Item size and weight are used to determine real-time shipping costs and print labels. This makes it a smooth way to automate your shipping process.

6. Inventory

Enter your stock amount of each product into your ecommerce platform which makes it easy for you to track as well as for the customer to check availability during sales seasons.

7. Product SKUs

It becomes important to have your internal stock keeping units(SKUs) or any manufacturer’s codes mentioned aside the products. This is because sometimes customers search using manufacturer’s code. So inclusion of the same in the product data, makes it easier for them to find what they’re looking for.

These are but a few ways and basic things to include for efficient product management for your ecommerce website. But try to look into a lot of other websites and make your own creative way to sell your products better in market. Some businesses include product videos, shipping costs, section for checking product availability at customer’s pin code, and a lot more interesting ideas of what discount coupons can be availed on that particular product.

Exploration and creativity is all you need to excel in making a great ecommerce website with proper planning invested into everything starting from products to graphics and blogs.

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