10 most powerful words you should start using in your emails

For any business that there is, advertising and reaching out to the maximum public are the two most fruitful investments to make. To date, there have been a lot of mediums for the same, email marketing being one. Calling someone to action and providing them with the best offers they’re looking for, at only a click’s distance has a great impact in triggering sales of any company, big or small.

However, email marketing can be tricky, with all its strategies of proper word play, tone of the email, proper optimization and what not. There can be many ways to reach out to a person, but to do it at a personal scale has a greater chance of being opened and read. Anything said or done with the notion that the customer is worth more than your sales, is going to rope in a significant number to your business.

In email marketing, copywriting becomes important, its technicality is often overseen which comes down as a crash when your emails are not paid heed to. Here are ten most powerful words to include in any email to any potential client.




What a customer looks for is genuine product and quality service. Therefore, it becomes one of the first ideologies that need to be guaranteed in an email you send them. However, overuse can make it look imposing and unrealistic. “Guaranteed” can also be used in place of it.


  1. NEW


Why “new” is a keyword for anything in the world is not a surprising fact given that man is never satisfied neither does he stops at one. So it’s crucial for a company to take risks, make creative offers and products that can actually interest a customer to stop by your website and have a look. Although make sure the product is useful and not something no one is looking for.




Special is a special word. Everyone wants to hear they’re special and everything around them revolves around them. Make sure you make your customers feel the same.




Grateful is a word you should be prioritizing a lot in the beginning of any email. It gives the impression that you understand that how important a customer is to your business and how much you care to acknowledge that.




Improved is another word you can use as a replacement to “new”, although it’s only right to understand the differences between them and what meaning they give to anything you say. Improved products also attract as big a group as new does. “Upgraded” is another word that can be worked out as a replacement.




Try to make things easier for your customer just the way you made it easier for them to avail upcoming offers through email marketing in the first place. And make sure you mention that. It’s important that they understand and realize why they have opened the email in the first place and what they can expect out of it. It’s better to assume, neither of your customers has a minute to spare for an email. So make a precise, simple email, they don’t have to apply their minds at.




Who doesn’t want something exclusively handpicked for them? In a world of growing middle class, it’s important you are serving them better so they can care to take a look at your business. It’ll be a great choice to make them think, some products are just made for them. It can work as a replacement to “special” but once again, every word has a different significance no matter the similarity.




Why is it important to use to word? Well it is because; you should be excited about having them on board in the first place. Be enthusiastic enough to express that, it can work wonders to create a positive idea that you care and are happy to have them.




All the words above or anything synonymous are the reason why a customer opens an email from a business in the first place. As a business, what we can provide a customer is amazing and pocket-friendly service. Hence, make good use of the words. “Free” or “sale” can be replacements too.




Always highlight the fact that you understand how much they care about their privacy and make sure you keep that promise intact. Man is sensitive towards data privacy, if you mention that you take care of that, there is a high chance he’ll choose your company over others.


These are few powerful words amongst many that can give a boost to your email while at the same time satisfying your client. Words have a great impact on human mind, a set of proper words can psychologically alter and manipulate an man’s thought process. Hence, use a proper combination of words and have a booming business.

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